What is the Pink Honor Roll?
Members of the Pink Honor Roll consist of the Top 50 fundraisers from the year’s Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge Race for the Cure. For 2014, these individuals raised $50,309.06 through jeans days, garage sales, BBQs, golf tournaments, requests for personal donations and more.

Congratulations to 2014’s Pink Honor Roll!

Robin Diez

Joseph Possa

Kelli Beckman

Michelle Perk

Carrie Brown

Nadine LeBlanc

Sally Genovese

Kami Broussard

Melissa Parrino

Laura Soileau

Sheri Weems

Jessica Dunaway

Jeannette Thomason

Kelly James

Pam Posster

Peggy Sheets

Jesus Sanchez

Kathleen Doring

Joann Jenkins

Chantelle Stubbs

Leeann Guedry

Samantha Gulino

Deb Eiermann

Brenda Martinez

Theresa Martin

Nicole Beeson

Stephanie Possa Delgado

Tracy Wood

Glen Allen

Brooke Bickley

Caroline Cook

Tricia Ferguson

Diana Nguyen

Candis Joseph

Michelle Rava

Jane Robert

Matthew Laborde

Kelly Bradberry

Olivia Walker

Peggy Hanks

Samantha Dickson

Lillie R. Lewis

Jacquelyn Dupree

Brittani Adams

Roslyn Greer

Carla Bennett

Joy Hughes

Martha Watson

Katie Matthews

Randy Robert

Shawn Bordelon

Paige McLemore


Thank you for your continued support!

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