Due to COVID 19, BigWigs go to Hollywood will not be proceeding as planned.  The July 16 event at L’Auberge has been cancelled.  On behalf of the BigWigs’ Steering committee, we sincerely thank everyone for their support of this fun event and important cause. We look forward to seeing everyone next year when we go to Hollywood!

To see Baton Rouge come together as a community is a special thing.  The BigWigs’ family is here to support those who have supported us.  Over the next several months we hope to help those who have helped us by supporting local businesses in conjunction with our efforts for this cause.  It is important to remember that non-profits (like Komen) are hit very hard at a times like this.  Now, more than ever, with people losing their jobs and health insurance due to COVID 19, the free services that Komen provides are of utmost importance.

We welcome you to the Komen Community,

BigWigs Steering Committee


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