Fundraising for Komen

Planning a Fundraising Event?

We are honored to be contacted so often by passionate members of our community wanting to organize an event or promotion benefiting breast cancer awareness and research. Susan G. Komen Louisiana partners with others because it benefits both parties in terms of public awareness.

Getting Started

We want to make this process as simple as possible. In order for us to give each event and/or promotion request its due attention, we ask that you:

Step 1: Read through our Fundraising Guidelines available to assist you in planning your event or promotion.

Step 2: If after you’ve read the guidelines, you are interested in entering into an agreement with Komen Louisiana, please download an Relationship Proposal Form to complete and return to:

Komen Louisiana

Step 3: Still have questions? View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact Komen Louisiana.

If you decide that the size of your event does not warrant the effort to follow these Fundraising Guidelines there are three other ways to support Komen:




Option 1: You may want to consider not using the Komen name/logo and instead making a general statement that the funds raised will go to a local breast health organization or breast cancer research and support. We would be honored to receive funds raised and would give public recognition for your donation.



 Option 2:  DIY (Do It Yourself) Fundraising for Susan G. Komen has never been easier! Through creating an impact project of your choice, such as starting a lemonade stand or workplace fundraiser, you can help us support life-saving breast cancer research, treatment, education and community health programs. Click here to learn more about this DIY program.




Option 3: Rally for the Cure® has expanded their well-established golf program to other events. You can now plan a Rally for the Cure® program for sporting events like golf and tennis, dinner events such as wine-tasting or group/club activities such as a bridge or book clubs. Learn how you can become a Rally Ambassador.