Community Grant Impact Stories

Community Grant Impact Stories

Below are a few of the stories we’ve received, telling us about the impact our grants have made:

Richland Parish Hospital/Delhi Hospital:  NELA Project Pink, No Woman Left Behind:

We received an order from a provider’s office in Winnsboro for a patient without insurance. When she patient was called for her appointment, she sounded very scared but did not go into detail about her fearfulness.

Upon arrival for her appointment, our Project Coordinator met her at the front doors of the hospital to guide her to her appointment. Noticing the patient’s nervousness, our Project Coordinator assured her that our staff would take good care of her. She was guided to the admissions office & then to the mammography suite for her appointment.

With a standard 2D mammogram, the results only showed one cyst. With the 3D view, the results identified three cysts. These results identify the importance of the collaboration of our Project Pink Program and 3D mammography service.

She was immediately scheduled for an ultrasound only 4 days after her initial mammogram. Thankfully, the ultrasound identified that the cysts were benign.

MLK Health Center: Women’s Health Program:

Fear of the mammography procedure continues to exist and inhibit women from obtaining regular screenings. This past year during a Pink Ribbon Pop-up in Springhill, the MLK Community Engagement Coordinator, Essence and the Women’s Health Advocate, Lauren, encountered a woman who was afraid to complete the screening due to stories she had heard of how painful the procedure was.  She was in her early 40’s, knew the importance of regular breast cancer screening, but had been delaying her initial mammogram due to fear.

She saw the mobile mammography van and decided to stop. When Essence and Lauren engaged her regarding breast screening she confessed she was too afraid. Essence asked the PIW mammogram tech to speak to her about the procedure, what exactly would happen on the van and about the slight discomfort she might feel.  Essence reinforced that while she may experience a little discomfort it was worth the peace of mind to know if everything was OK.

Lauren and Essence served as patient escorts throughout the procedure.  This provided the much needed support system she needed. The woman acknowledged that while the mammogram was slightly uncomfortable it was nothing compared to what she had envisioned it to be.  She would not hesitate to obtain her regular breast screening in the future.

LSU Health Sciences/FWCC: Partners in Wellness:

One lady came to us wanting to get her screening mammogram.  She did not have insurance and had never had a mammogram.  She was 59 years old.  She had been taking care of her father for several years and that was her main focus.  She said her father had passed away about 2 months ago and she had promised him that she would get a mammogram and start taking care of herself.  She didn’t want to because she was scared and didn’t have the money pay for it.  When we explained that the Komen grant would pay for her screening and she would not get billed you could see the relief that came over her.  She was so happy that she was going to be able to fulfill the promise that she made to her father before he passed to get her screening mammogram.

Union General Hospital: Together We Can Be Breast Cancer Free:

A lady who hadn’t had a mammogram in a long time and uninsured came for her routine check up. A lump was found in her breast and (after a screening) a diagnostic test was performed.  She was referred and the lump was malignant in the early stages. Susan G Komen saved her life. She stated that if it wouldn’t have been for Susan G Komen she will have probably died. She was also educated on the importance of doing her own self breast awareness observations from now on. Susan G Komen in partnership with Union General Hospital was able to provide this lady the care she needs.  

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