Social Work Continuing Education Program Approval Requests

Komen Louisiana is authorized by the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners to approve social work continuing education offerings. (Designation Effective August 21, 2020 – August 21, 2023)

Application Requesting Social Work Continuing Education Approval

Komen Louisiana will review application and supporting documentation to determine that it meets all standards and guidelines established in “Criteria for Approving Continuing Education Offerings” and “Guide for Assessment of Continuing Education.”

Komen Louisiana will review applications submitted by midnight Tuesday each week on the Wednesday of that same week and notify applicant of the decision by that Friday. Applications must be submitted at least one month prior to the event.

Fees Komen Louisiana will charge to process Continuing Education Applications:

  • single presentation fee $50 (one presentation offered once)
  • multiple presentation/conference fee $100 (more than one presentation offered at same event])
  • additional date/location fee $25 each (single presentation offered on more than one day or at more than one location.)

Please note, fees cover the review of the application and do not guarantee approval.

If you have any questions, please email our Mission and Strategic Outreach Coordinator, Jennifer Cortes, at


Criteria for Approving Continuing Education Offerings (from LABSWE website)

Any applicant(s) seeking approval for a continuing education offering will submit to the Approval Organization the application requesting pre-approval and the following information by deadline set by organization. The Approval Organization is responsible for evaluating the logistical procedures and educational strategies and deciding whether the educational offering is appropriate for approved continuing education hours.

Logistical Procedures

1. Organizational Support

     a. The applicant(s) and/or sponsoring organization must be capable of administering and coordinating the educational offering.

     b. The applicant(s) sponsoring the offering must be clearly identified by name, address, telephone number, and other contact information.

     c. The location of the workshop should be designated.

2. Credit Hours

     a. The request for approval must designate the number of contact hours that the educational offering involves.

     b. Contact hour credit will include only actual instruction time. A contact hour is defined as 60 minutes.

     c. The applicant(s) applies for approved credit hours, not the individuals who attend the offering.

3. Attendance and Certificates

     a. The applicant(s) assume responsibility for keeping accurate attendance records.

     b. The applicant(s) will only issue credit for time attended. The applicant may choose to not issue credit for partial attendance. This should be written on the flyer to allow people fair notice.

     c. The applicant(s) will issue certificates that include dates, location, topic, contact hours and Approval Organization. The cost charged to issue a certificate shall be stated.

     d.The applicant(s) will include on the certificate a statement relative to continuing education approval. Example: This program is approved for # of hours (clinical/general/ethics) contact hours by Komen Louisiana as authorized by the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners.

     e. The applicant(s) shall retain attendance records of the educational offering for three (3) years.

4. Fees and Advertising

     a. The applicant(s) shall stipulate any fees charged for the educational offering and its cancellation policy.

     b. The applicant(s) should also submit promotional materials of the program.

     c. The applicant(s) will include on all advertisements, i.e. brochure, a statement relative to continuing education approval. Example: This program is approved for # of hours (clinical/general/ethics) contact hours by Komen Louisiana as authorized by the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners.

     d. The applicant shall not advertise an education program as approved until official notification is received.

Educational Strategies

5. Qualified Presenters

     a. The presenters shall submit accurate vita/professional data that demonstrates the appropriate background, expertise, and credentials to present accurately and completely on the proposed topic of the presentation. Applicant is responsible for completing bio sheet on all presenters which shall include license type, credential number, degrees, current employment, education, training, and pertinent experience to present on a particular subject.

     b. A credentialed social worker must be involved in the planning and evaluation of the educational offering. This social worker should be identified by name and credential. The social worker must verify that he/she participated in the development of the presentation and the evaluation process.

6. Target Audience

     Identify and describe the expected audience.

7. Appropriate Curriculum

     a. The topic and its development shall be appropriate and meaningful for professional social workers.

     b. The title of the workshop should adequately reflect the content.

     c. The relevance of content to social work should be stated.

     d. Clearly state learning objectives and educational format methods (such as lecture or simulated learning situations) for achieving those objectives.

     e. Include agenda and time schedule of the educational offering.

8. Evaluation

     a. Applicant is required to keep a copy of all evaluations for three (3) years from the date of the workshop. The pre-approving organization has the authority to request copies of the evaluations.

     b. Applicant is required to administer evaluations for each educational offering.

     c. Applicant shall submit a copy of the evaluation tool intended to be used with application.

9. Record Keeping

     Sponsoring organization is required to keep continuing education approval letter and brochure for the program for three (3) years from the date of the workshop.