Komen Race for the Cure – 2016 Pink Honor Roll


What is the Pink Honor Roll?
Members of the Pink Honor Roll consist of the Top 50 fundraisers from the year’s Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge Race for the Cure. For 2016, these individuals raised $49,661.42 through jeans days, garage sales, BBQs, raffles, requests for personal donations and more.

Congratulations to 2016’s Pink Honor Roll!
Susan Joly
Joseph Possa
Kristen Renton
Blake Tolbird
Sally Genovese
Kelli Beckman
Michelle Perk
Pam Posster
Martha Watson
Laura Soileau
Amy Files
Cullen Clement
Marie D’Amico
Bettina Buxton
Stephanie Landry
Jane Babin
Ruth Niedrich
Kami Broussard-Jackson
Karen Braud
Lee Anne Miracle
Rashaunda Sparks
Regina Pritt
Stephanie Possa Delgado
Beverly Cain
Johnny Miller
Jessica Comeaux
Nadine LeBlanc
John Jacobs
Susan Palmer
Darlene Rayburn
Monica Thomas
Dominique Moore
Liz Deroche
John Friscia
Joseph Kraska
Peggy Hanks
Gretchen Cadle
Amy Dartez
Joy Lonibos
Patricia Johnson
Candace Puhl
Jane Robert
Irene Watson
Charley Scott
Sarah Paul
Emily Fournier
Theresa Martin
Joseph DeGaetani
Lillie Lewis
Kim Darr

Thank you for your continued support!

To learn how to you participate with the Baton Rouge Affiliate throughout the year, click here for information on volunteer opportunities.

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