Thank you to ExxonMobil for their sponsorship of our Jambalaya Village and Competition.

2014 Jambalaya Competition Results

Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s Jambalaya Village and Competition. The results for the Jambalaya Competition are listed below:

Jambalaya (30 Gallon)

1st Place – JP Spice / Rodrick Jeanpierre, William Thomas, Devon Corey, Kumasi Monts

2nd Place – Pushin’ Paddle / Doug, Bubba & Kim

3rd Place – Atmos Energy / Jimmy, Louis & Roger

Rice Commander (10 Gallon, JFA Style)

1st Place – D-Cajun / Devon

2nd Place – Price LeBlanc / D&J’s & Chase Templet

3rd Place – Team Breaux / Daniel Breaux, Ashley Breaux, Jennifer Thompson

Pastalaya Category

1st Place – Pushin’ Paddles / Doug, Bubba & Kim

2nd Place – Tyler & Possa / Blaise & Dereck

3rd Place – New Iberia / Kernis & Kip Louviere

Want to participate in next year’s Jambalaya Competition? Email for more information.


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