Team Awards

The 2014 Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge Race for the Cure® is all about TEAMS! Our Race teams can change history—the history of breast cancer—by helping us reach record-breaking levels of Race participation and fundraising.

2014 Race for the Cure Team Awards

Congratulations and thank you to all Teams that participated on Race Day! It was a wonderful success! Here are the top teams in each category…

‘I Will Survive’ Award (Team with the most Breast Cancer Survivors)

  • Team New Hope

Largest Team of Friends and Family

  • 1st place: Nadine’s Breast Friends
  • 2nd place: Angels of Grace
  • 3rd place: In Memory of Phyllis Graham

Largest Company/Corporate Team (less than 100)

  • 1st place: Tyler & Possa
  • 2nd place: Footsteps – Emprint/Moran Printing
  • 3rd place:  CF Get Fit

Largest Company/Corporate Team (100+)

  • 1st place: Albemarle
  • 2nd place: The Baton Rouge Clinic
  • 3rd place:  ExxonMobil Baton Rouge

Largest Community Organization Team

  • 1st place:  Woman’s Council Running for the Cure
  • 2nd place:  Team Addie
  • 3rd place: East Ascension Rotary

Largest University Team

  • 1st place: Southern University Law Center
  • 2nd place:  Phi Mu Race for the Cure
  • 3rd place:  LSU ZTA

Largest School Team (Elementary, Middle)

  • 1st place:   Woodlawn Middle
  • 2nd place:  Kids Fighting Cancer
  • 3rd place: North Live Oak Elementary

Largest Religious Group Team

  • 1st place: FABCBR – Christians for the Cure
  • 2nd place: Greater Mt. Olive MBC
  • 3rd place:  FUMC Team

High School Team Challenge

  • 1st place: Team DSFH
  • 2nd place: Lady Gators
  • 3rd place:  Cubs for the Cure and Runnels Beta

Best Team T-Shirt Design (Fan Favorite)

  • 1st place: Save the Jugs
  • 2nd place: Cindy’s Hooters
  • 3rd placce: Nadine’s Breast Friends

Best Team T-Shirt Design (Affiliate Favorite)

  • 1st place: Ta Ta Sisterhood
  • 2nd place: Queen B’s Cups
  • 3rd place: Tyler & Possa



Overall Top Fundraising Teams

  • 1st place: Tyler & Possa, Company/Corporate (less than 100)
  • 2nd place: Wings of Hope, Family and Friends
  •  3rd place: Nadine’s Breast Friends, Family and Friends

Top Fundraising Team of Friends and Family

  • 1st place: Wings of Hope
  • 2nd place: Nadine’s Breast Friends
  •  3rd place: Running with Red Lipstick

Top Fundraising Company/Corporate Team (less than 100)

  • 1st place: Tyler & Possa
  • 2nd place: Accurate Business Services of LA, Nicole’s Pink Stars
  • 3rd place: DMS Disaster Consultants

Top Fundraising Company/Corporate Team (100+)

  • 1st place: Lions for the Cure
  • 2nd place: Postlethwaite & Netterville
  • 3rd place: Team Turner

Top Fundraising Community Organization Team

  •  1st place: Team Women’s Council Running for the Cure 
  • 2nd place: Team POD
  • 3rd place:  East Ascension Rotary

Top Fundraising University Team

  • 1st place: Southern University Law Center
  • 2nd place: LSU ZTA
  • 3rd place: Phi Mu Race for the Cure

Top Fundraising Religious Team

  • 1st place: FABCBR-Christians for a Cure 
  • 2nd place: FUMC Team
  • 3rd place: Team New Hope

Top Fundraising School Team (Elementary, Middle)

  • 1st place: Kids Fighting Cancer
  • 2nd place: ABCs and DDs
  • 3rd place: Hakuna Ma-Ta-Ta’s

Top Fundraising High School Team Challenge

  • 1st place: Lady Gators
  • 2nd place: Runnels Beta
  • 3rd place: Beta Bucs

Imagine…The Power of a Team… Teams are the  backbone of the Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge Affiliate Race for the Cure®.  Team captains encourage participation, establish fundraising goals, support members in realizing their donation and giving goals, assist team members with registration, and much more.  To qualify for a team award, your team must consists of 10 or more members.  So “team up” today with friends, family members, co-workers, faith groups, or anyone else who would like to join the fun for the Race for the Cure in March 2014.

Registering and participating on Race day helps raise breast cancer awareness, but fundraising will help find the cures and provide for local programs. Lead by example and inspire your team members to fundraise.