More Than Pink Heroes

Pink is more than just a color; it represents the impact that each person is making in the fight against the most frequently diagnosed cancer worldwide.

Susan G. Komen announced a Bold Goal to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by 50% by 2026. At the same time, we launched the More Than Pink movement, celebrating everyday heroes who have made a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer.

During the 2018 Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge Race for the Cure®  season, our More Than Pink Monday social media campaign will be sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.  More Than Pink Heroes from our 10-parish area who are making a difference through their participation in Race for the Cure and in our Affiliate.

Visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as  every Monday throughout our Race season to learn of another Komen Baton Rouge More Than Pink Hero.


Join our More Than Pink Heroes by donating or fundraising to this year’s Race for the Cure. Fundraising for the Race is open until Saturday, March 31 and all donations are welcome.

You can still be a More Than Pink Hero. Simply donate at least $135, which is the cost of a mammogram, and receive your own More Than Pink Hero’s cape!


2018 More Than Pink Heroes

Robin Hart and Shasta Johnson are friends, co-workers, breast cancer survivor sisters, and members of Race for the Cure team Gladiators. Shasta is from San Diego California, but attended her first Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge Race for the Cure this last weekend. Prior to the Race they sat down with us to share their perspectives on being diagnosed, how they approached their breast cancer fight, and why they find fundraising for Komen to be important.

Both woman have a family history. However, there is no found genetic link within Robin’s family. On the other hand, Shasta has been identified as having a BRAC1 and BRAC2 genetic mutation. These two brave Gladiators offer strength and encouragement to one another and those along their breast cancer journey.

Jeanine Coles is the Race for the Cure captain for Team Pink JAM. She organized the group after her mom’s breast cancer metastasized a few years back. Pink JAM is the perfect name for a team that honors three sisters; Jane, Ava and Marsha who have all received a breast cancer diagnosis. These industrious ladies come together each fall for the purpose of making and selling homemade jams and jellies to raise money for their Race team. They are joined by their husbands, sister-in-law and brother who do their part in the jam making process.

Faith, fun, and family are their motivation to undertake such a larger scale effort. They credit their success not only to their delicious recipes but also the support of their Lutcher community where they have gained quite a reputation!

These industrious ladies along with other family members come together each fall for the purpose of making and selling homemade jams and jellies to raise money for their Race team.

Lee Anne Miracle became associated with Komen Baton Rouge when her good friend, Susan Joly, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lee Anne quickly went to work to support Susan as an active fundraising member of Race for the Cure Team Jogging for Joly. She now honors Susan’s memory by sharing her graphic design talents as a member of the 2018 Race Steering Committee. Lee Anne sat down and talked to us about what it meant to be a More Than Pink Hero for her friend and what Race for the Cure means to her.

Kelli Beckman is the 2018 Honorary Baton Rouge Race for the Cure Chairperson and our first featured More Than Pink Hero. She sat down with us to share her story about living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Kelli’s approach to her diagnosis and outlook on life is an inspiration to us all. She will be joining us via video, social media and our website throughout the Race season to share more of her insights about family, humor and Race for the Cure. We know that you will enjoy getting to know this amazing lady!

2017 More Than Pink Heroes

Toni Douglas is a two-time breast cancer survivor and dedicated Race for the Cure participant. Since her first diagnosis in 2001, she has personally raised over $5,000. She has served as Treasure of the Affiliate Board of Directors as well as chair of several Race committees, and the Komen Baton Rouge Pink Ribbon Bowl.  She is an employee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

In her free time Toni loves to travel and enjoys photography, and videography. One of her all time favorite hobbies is repurposing and refinishing furniture.

Inspired by her aunt’s battle with breast cancer More Than Pink Hero, Amy Files, gives back through her participation in Race for the Cure. In spite of her personal challenges due to the Great Flood of 2016, she continues to support the Race as captain for the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office team Busted. She has been participating with Race for the Cure for over 10 years.

Amy and members of team Busted have set a goal to raise over $2500 this year. She shares, “Just because the flooding came doesn’t mean that breast cancer went away.”

It is with a desire to make a better future for her young daughter that Stephanie Possa leads as captain of her Race for the Cure team. Stephanie’s Race team, Tyler & Possa engages those associated with her law firm along with friends and family. For nine years she and her firm have actively supported the Race as a sponsor, in the Team’s T-shirt Contest and more recently in the Jambalaya Village and Competition.

This More Than Pink Hero further fights the disease that took her grandmother’s life as Chair of Komen’s BigWigs Campaign Kickoff. She also participates with Baton Rouge Brunch’s in its upcoming Brunch for a Cure event scheduled on March 5.

Bettina Buxton is Race for the Cure Team Captain for Queen B’s Cups. While her original motivation was to support an aunt who had breast cancer, she found herself faced with her own diagnosis. Bettina shares her experience with the challenges associated with receiving a diagnosis while having dense breast tissue. Today she not only survives, but thrives.

Bettina shares her passion for others going through a breast cancer treatment by serving on our Perfectly Pink Luncheon Committee. Like many survivors, a primary motivation for her fundraising efforts is to advance the research done by Komen.

Visit Komen’s web page to find out about our investment in breast density research and what we have learned.

Kristen Joly Renton is Jogging for Joly’s Race for the Cure team captain. She along with her dad, Chris; brother, Kevin, and a whole host of friends and family ran in this year’s Baton Rouge Race to honor the memory of her mom, Susan Joly. Susan lost her battle to breast cancer late last November.

Kristen along with her husband and daughter, live in the Houston area. Though long distance, her efforts and those of team members and donors have boosted Jogging for Joly’s fundraising to the top of the leader board.

In this More Than Pink video, Kristen shares insight into her mom’s love of life and passion to support Komen funded breast cancer research. Finding the cures was so important to Susan, that Kristen and team Jogging for Joly proudly continue her legacy.

Faith and family were mainstays in Laverne Craig’s battle against breast cancer. Now 13 years ago, Laverne remembers the importance of community during her diagnosis. She recalls a time when the tables turned and she was able to offer encouragement and support to a friend who first walked with her through her breast cancer journey.

Laverne also supports Komen’s New Goal to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by 2026 through her Race for the Cure fundraising. Her efforts on behalf of Komen Baton Rouge and her support of other survivors ranks her among her our More Thank Pink Heroes. Congratulations Laverne!

Beverly Cain tells her story of love and support for her sister, Jerri, who lost her battle to IV Triple Negative breast cancer in July of 2016. Beverly fondly recollects the fun that Jerri had at Race for the Cure, “She felt like queen for a day.”

Beverly shares that funding breast cancer research was so important to Jerri that she along with friends and family carry on the efforts at this year’s Race by continuing their Race Team, Jerri’s Journey.

In honoring her sister’s memory, Beverly has become a top fundraiser and Jerri’s Journey is one of our top Race fundraising teams. She and her team reflect Jerri’s character. Beverly shares, “Jerri never gave up! She left this world in a style true to her nature … with dignity, respect and so much love for life and family.”

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