In 2016, Susan G. Komen launched their new Bold Goal to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by the year 2026. With Louisiana ranking third in the nation for breast cancer mortality, educational programming that facilitates access to resources and screenings is needed now more than ever!

This is why Susan G. Komen Louisiana launched Plugged in Pink. For our events, we partner with faith-based organizations, community centers, businesses, and libraries in our 56-parish service area. We collaborate with many organizations and providers who join us to share their knowledge, expertise, and resources with Plugged in Pink attendees. We offer in-depth breast health education that reviews our four breast self-awareness messages of know your risk, get screened, know what is normal for you, and make healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to our presentation, we work together with other community organizations to not only offer an exercise opportunity but to also share nutrition education with our attendees. If screening is not available on site that day, we work with our host site to ensure transportation is available to screenings and follow ups. Using our community profile as well as feedback from our host sites and the community, we identify other organizations that offer needed resources and information to the community and invite them to join us at the event.

This combination not only covers breast health education, but also ties in making healthy lifestyle choices to decrease one’s risk for breast cancer. In addition, this set up also addresses the three biggest barriers to care in our community identified by our Community Profile – education, screening, and transportation. Our community profile is completed every four years and assesses the current services, resources, and barriers present in the communities we serve so that we know how to best help our service area. The goal of our Plugged in Pink program is to increase breast health education and access to care in underserved communities.

To learn more about Plugged in Pink including how you can bring it to your area, please contact our Mission and Strategic Outreach Coordinator at and use the subject “Plugged in Pink Request.”